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Usage description:

This script enhances the crossword HTML files generated by Eclipse Crossword. The files need to be unmodified (fresh after generation). The enhance your crossword file you have to:
  1. Select a file from your computer with the 'Input file' field.
  2. Choose the options of the scripts you want to add to the file. (If the selected script was already added, then the choice will be ignored and an appropriate message will be shown after submission.)
  3. Enter the output file name in the 'Output file name' field. When entering the output file name just type in it's name (without a path). After pressing the 'Start' button the browser will either ask about the folder to write the output file or it'll write it in the default downloads folder (this is browser-dependant).
  4. Click on the 'Start' button.
After that the crossword file will be processed. If everything is fine (or there are some non-critical issues - warnings will be shown) the browser will download the enhanced crossword file. Save the file to disk and enjoy the enhanced crossword. ;-)
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